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Presenting our enchanting "Heart Necklace," a mesmerizing symbol of love and artistry that captures the essence of Italy's craftsmanship. Handcrafted with devotion in the heart of Italy, this exquisite necklace radiates with elegance and sentiment.


Carefully designed, the Heart Necklace boasts a captivating heart-shaped pendant meticulously crafted from 24kt gold vermeil and adorned with sterling silver 925, brilliantly rhodium plated for an everlasting shine. Each stroke of craftsmanship showcases the passion and skill of our artisans, bringing forth a piece that is as unique as it is beautiful.


The story of the Heart Necklace takes us to the quaint town of Mussolente, nestled in the north of Italy, where a small family business named "Casa Fontana" weaves its magic. This treasured creation comes to life under the visionary genius of Alberto, a young and talented craftsman determined to revolutionize the world of jewelry with his artistry.


At the heart of this delicate design lies a celebration of love and emotions, making the Heart Necklace a timeless treasure that resonates with those seeking something truly special. Every piece from Casa Fontana carries with it a heritage of craftsmanship, woven into the very fabric of its creation.


With the Heart Necklace, you embrace not only a stunning piece of jewelry but also a testament to the rich tradition of Italian artistry. Experience the magic that lies within each handmade stroke, and adorn yourself with a symbol of affection that transcends time and trends.


Discover the allure of the Heart Necklace and bring home a piece of Italy's finest craftsmanship, passionately created by Alberto and his family's unwavering commitment to crafting jewelry that captures hearts and souls alike.

Heart Nacklace

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