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Rock 'n' Roll Heaven at The Rainbow Bar: A Review from an Italian Tattoo Artist

As an Italian boy, I had always dreamt of visiting the legendary Rainbow Bar in Los Angeles. This place oozes rock 'n' roll history, and stepping into it for the first time was a surreal experience. Right from the moment I parked my car, I was greeted by a mural of Lemmy, the iconic singer and bass player of Motörhead, whose life motto "born to lose, live to win" graced the wall beneath his image.

Inside, I was met with a bunch of cool waiters exuding that classic rock and roll attitude. If you're accustomed to posh places, you might find their demeanor a bit rude, but in my book, it's all part of the experience. Life is too short to be stuck up. I couldn't help but act like a classic tourist and ask for "the Crue" table. To my delight, since I was there in the early afternoon, it was available, and I got to sit at the famous table. I couldn't believe my luck!

The interior of the Rainbow Bar is an immersion in rock 'n' roll vibes. It's dimly lit with red lights casting a sultry glow, and the walls are adorned with pictures of rockstars. Guitars and other instruments hang around, adding to the ambiance. It's just too cool for words.

I settled in and perused the extensive menu, which offers a bit of everything. I'll reserve my food critic judgment until later, after I've had the chance to explore the menu more thoroughly.

Now, back to my first impressions: the Rainbow Bar's location is unreal, and the overall vibe is incredible. Outside, there's the Lemmy lounge, where he used to hang out all the time. Now, there's a full-size statue, and here's a fun fact: if you order a "Lemmy" at the bar, they'll serve you a Jack and Coke. That's how legends are made, and I must say I'm a tad jealous.

As I made my way upstairs to the restroom,

I stumbled upon what I can only describe as the best picture ever – a shot of Ozzy Osbourne! The place is dripping with rock history.

My overall feedback for the Rainbow Bar is incredibly positive. The place is sick, with a fantastic vibe and amazing staff. On my last visit, the bartender played all the songs I wanted to hear. She probably thought I was annoying, but she did it anyway! The community there is cool, and sometimes they even have live gigs upstairs in a small venue with a bar. I genuinely love this place. By the way, I couldn't help but notice how small and short are the tables in there, how they girls were fit there? (if you catch my drift) or maybe I just a legend? I need to ask Nikki Sixx.

Now, let's talk food. After multiple visits, I can confidently provide a food review. As an Italian, I must admit I can be extra critical when it comes to Italian-looking food. Pineapple on pizza? No, thank you!

The portions at the Rainbow Bar are huge, so don't go too crazy unless you're absolutely famished. A side of chips or fries is practically a bucket of them, which is well worth it. The burgers, salads, and starters are incredible, and I particularly love the calamari and the bbq ribs. I believe they use fresh fish, and you can definitely taste the quality.

However, I must mention that the pizza didn't quite meet my standards – it was overly salty, which didn't sit well with me. The rest of the menu is pretty solid, and I'm yet to try the pasta. Perhaps I'll find the courage to do that one day. Trust me, even in London, I'm wary of Italian restaurants.

The drinks are classic pub fare – generous and satisfying.

So, I'd rate the Rainbow Bar an 8 out of 10 for now. If the pizza becomes less salty, they'd earn an extra point. It's undeniably a fantastic place steeped in history, and I highly recommend checking it out!

Until next time, keep rockin' on,

Claudio Traina

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תגובה אחת

This was a fun read! The girls and I always come here.. definitely taking you with us when you get back!

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