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Alan's TAILs: From Palm Springs to NYC to LDN to LA, the Shop Dog's Journey

Hey everyone, I'm Alan, and I'm 2.5 years old. You might say I'm a seasoned traveler with a story to tell. My journey began in sunny Palm Springs, California, where I had quite the dramatic entrance into the world—I fell from my mom's butt!

Ever since that day, I've been her trusty sidekick, and life has been nothing short of interesting, albeit exhausting.

In my early days, I was a little road warrior. We hopped from one house to another, stayed in countless hotels, and even rode on buses. I met a lot of humans, and believe it or not, I encountered some other dogs that were WAY bigger than me.

Everyone adored me, and they'd cook delicious meals for me, but I'm still not entirely sure what they did with my "gifts" /SHIT that I left behind. It remains one of life's great mysteries.

One year of my life was spent on tour, and that's where my love for music took root. I developed a particular affinity for metal and hardcore tunes, but when it was time for bed, nothing beat the soothing melodies of classical music.

On tour, I made two lifelong friends, Dale and Seamus. They may have been bigger than me and made bigger "gifts" than my body even, but boy, did we have a blast together.

After a thrilling year on the road, I relocated to London with my mom. It was a bit of a shocker because it was so darn cold there, and I wasn't used to that kind of weather. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. I met loads of new human friends, and one of them really wanted to be my new mom. However, my real mom put her paw down and said, "NO!" London was a fantastic place for me, and I even had a job at a tattoo shop as the Front of House (FOH) greeter. I'd welcome all the customers with a wagging tail and make them feel right at home. Some of them were so impressed they left me Yelp reviews! It was the best time ever.

But London's chilly climate just wasn't my cup of tea, or should I say, my bowl of kibble. So, it was time to head back home. My boss, Claudio, had a brilliant idea to open a new Sixtyink location in LA, my hometown. It was an opportunity I couldn't let slip through my paws. I begged my mom to take me back home, and thankfully, she agreed.

Now, I'm finally here in LA, and I even helped build the new shop. I can't wait to see all of you there. Come say hi, and let's make some new memories together!

Wagging my tail and ready to greet you,

Alan 🐾

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